Montara, California, October 30, 2011 – Today, Molecular Sensing, Inc. (MSI), a development stage biotechnology company, announced the issuance of a key U.S. patent that protects the company�s proprietary design for its Back-Scattering Interferometry (BSI) instruments. The patent protects key design and operational elements involved in high fidelity molecular assay performance.

With this recent patent allowance, the company now has five strong U.S. patents with two E.U. analogous applications to strengthen its intellectual property position and exclusive dominance in BSI technology and products.

About Molecular Sensing

Molecular Sensing, Inc. is a development stage biotechnology company, located in the San Francisco Bay area, dedicated to the commercialization of BSI molecular interaction instrumentation, services and applications that enable label-free in vitro biochemical and cell-based molecular interaction assays using kinetic and quantitative end-point analysis.

MSI’s Life Science Early Access Program (LEAP) is a fee-based early access program designed to provide customized collaboration partnerships with major laboratories in basic life sciences and/or translational research, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical R&D. LEAP collaborations are intended to help MSI develop and validate enabling applications as well as to advance the development of its instrumentation.

Molecular Sensing, Inc. Contacts:
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